• Annett Zinsmeister

    Germany, b.1967

    Annett Zinsmeister was born in Stuttgart, currently lives and works in Berlin. Annett studied visual arts, architecture, culture and media science in Berlin. Graduation from the Berlin University of Visual Arts + Design. Since 2003 she is professor at divers art schools and universities and is teaching internationally Visual Art, Photography, Design, Architecture, Culture and Media theory. Space and Architecture are central topics, the artist is dealing with in her large-scale installations, photography, drawings, collages and films. She is the author of numerous interdisciplinary books and is known for the combination of diverse disciplines such as architecture, art, and media studies. Her work has been published internationally and are part of exhibitions and art collections worldwide, e.g. at the MoMA Museum of Modern Art in New York.


    Annett Zinsmeister is interested in the meaning of architecture and space, in the history, tradition, and innovation, the social and political background and structure of spatial constructions. She's interested in the origins, the forms, and effects of everyday rituals, their effects, and forces of habit. Fascinated by places of transition, places with a certain past and uncertain future, in and with her work, she investigates historical and contemporary developments of the perception and design of space, especially in connection with new technologies. Her works in form of installations, sculptures, images, films, etc. are challenging our perception and understanding of space and open up new approaches to supposedly familiar themes. 


    Her artistic work is representing an amalgam of art, architecture, and cultural studies: In creating large scale installations, conceptual and built spaces, photography, drawings, films, collages and texts, she is merging theoretical research with conceptual art practice that has an extraordinary effect: the installations and pieces have an immersive impact on the viewer. They challenge human perception and unexceptional habits. Recurring fundamentals in her oeuvre are for example the use and creation of modular principles and the strategy of deconstruction and recomposition.


    Her work is very much conceptually shaped: both the raising of central questions and the process itself are fundamental artistic aspects. As opposed to purely conceptual art, her works are effective (wirken) – on an aesthetic level. The art historian Beat Wyss called her installations “sublime” in Edmund Burke’s sense, since to an extreme degree they exercise a strong effective power (Wirkungsmacht) on the observer. In the first moment of observation, the intellectual and conceptual background of the work does not play a large role. The work takes effect – it stands for itself. A closer look, however, reveals an internal density which determines the work of art, and in which the observer can enter and sink into – yet does not have to.


    A majority of her collages and installations are based on her photographs of architecture in urban spaces all over the world. She started with a documentation of Plattenbau in 1993, when its demolition and restoration became an important subject in architectural practice. She worked with these photographs in using different techniques of changing and multiplicating pictorial elements. Through this process the images oscillate between document and artifact. 


    Zinsmeister has been fascinated by the history of panorama as a machine of perception. The idea to realize an installation in turning the outside (facade) into a room or inner space came up in the late nineties. She began to design a wallpaper series with Plattenbau facades and started to melt exterior and interior in creating wallpaper installations and projections in different spaces; she wanted to create an experimental and sensual space, an extreme and pure space where this architecture's serial aspects could simultaneously unfold the cruelty of endless repetition and the aesthetics of the minimal. The oscillation between restricted monotony and the fascinating beauty of a structural and serial pattern made the work into a tightrope walk for the visitor who often found himself or herself between two extreme effects.


    The tremendously immersive space installations called virtual interiors can be experienced in different ways: as a real space installation or an illuminated picture, as a play with the intersection of real space experience and virtual space impression and the construction of spatial representation. This visual and spatial experience is a tight trope walk between fascination and irritation, between insecurity and marvel, between attraction and rejection!

    The entire volume of the space is wallpapered: floor, ceiling, wall. Suddenly, one could not differentiate top and bottom, and inside and outside, thus densifying the space by repetition of facades, panels, modules to the extreme.


    Final work of Plattenbau series is Container Project. The idea to bring Plattenbau and Container together came because the container embodies a kind of transfer of goods and cultures that can appear anywhere in the world. The consequence was to also understand the container as a space that could integrate the plattenbau facades. The idea of Container Project emanates from the plattenbau as serial architecture that actually no longer has a place. The plattenbau stands in for a displacement of architecture, because it can be applied anywhere in the world. These are, all utopian architectures, or at least many of them, not location specific and can appear anywhere, which is actually a very global idea.

  • 2020 Shifting Space, JD Malat Gallery, London, UK

    2019 Urban Structures, LH2 Contemporary Berlin, Germany

    2018 Space, Fragment, Formation, Gallery Braunbehrens, Stuttgart, Germany

    2018 Infintiy, MPV Gallery, s´Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

    2018 Fictitious Reality, LH2 Contemporary, Berlin, Germany

    2017 Searching for Identity, gkg, Bonn, Germany

    2016 Urban Shelter, BNKR, Munich, Germany

    2016 Tank / Transformation, Kornhaus KirchheimITeck, Germany

    2016 Virtual Interior, Gallery NMerino, Paris, France

    2015 Confession Library, Installation in progress, Germany

    2015 Data. Grid, Space. Module, Cubus, SSC Böblingen, Germany

    2014 I confess, Installation in situ, Kunstverein Neuhausen, Germany

    2013 Annett Zinsmeister, Plattenpalast, dr.julius|ap, Berlin, Germany

    2011 Raum I - No Place. Nowhere?, Gallery 14-1 Stuttgart, Germany

    2011 Searching for Identity, Kunstverein Nürtingen, Germany

    2010 Annett Zinsmeister + Hans Kotter at Gallery Grazia Blumberg, Germany

    2007 Plattenbau II, Konzerthaus at Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany

    2007 Plattenbau I, Berlin Academy of Science Berlin, Germany

    2005 outside_in II, Academy Schloß Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany

    2005 outside_in I, solo show at Gallery Oberwelt, Stuttgart, Germany

    Solo Exhibitions

    2019 Linear Construction, LH2 Contemporary Berlin, Germany

    2019 Century Bauhaus, Gallery dr.julius|ap, Berlin, Germany

    2018 Wonders, MPV Gallery, Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

    2019 postcard reloaded, Kunstraum Potsdam , Potsdam

    2018 Decade One, Gallery dr.julius|ap Berlin, Germany 

    2018 A to Z – works from the collection, LH2 Contemporary Berlin, Germany 

    2018 Various Artists, MPV Gallery, Knokke, Belgium 

    2017 Walking Trough Someone Else´s Dream Biennial Orléans, France 

    2017 Start up!, Gallery Robert Drees, Hanover, Germany 

    2017 Espacios Concretos, Galeria Impakto Lima, Peru 

    2017 Start up! dr.julius|ap Berlin, Germany 

    2016 Are we human? Biennial Istanbul, Turkey 

    2016 Raumwunder, Museum Ritter Waldenbuch, Germany 

    2016 Positions, Dr. Julius, Berlin, Germany 

    2015 Revisiones, Galeria Impakto Lima, Peru 

    2015 Endless House, MoMA New York, USA 

    2015 Concept Paper, dr.julius|ap Berlin, Germany 

    2015 The Art of Fold, Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle, Freiburg, Germany 

    2015 The Art of Folding, Museum for Concrete Art, Ingolstadt, Germany 

    2015 Teknology, Galeria Impakto Lima, Peru 

    2014 Anonymous Drawings, Pavillon in Milchhof, Berlin, Germany 

    2014 Scenes of the Uncanny, Kunstverein Neuhausen, Germany 

    2014 Private View, Gallery dr.julius|ap Berlin, Germany 

    2014 PARC, Galeria Impakto at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Lima, Peru 

    2013 Lumino City, Galeria Impakto Lima, Peru 

    2012 Rasterfahndung - Tracing the Grid, Museum of Contemporary Art, Stuttgart, Germany

    2011 (In)visible Cities, Kunstverein Wilmshöhe, Ettlingen, Germany 

    2009 Urban Hacking, Paraflows, Vienna, Austria 

    2009 ZEIGEN - An Audio Tour through Berlin, curated by Karin Sander, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin, Germany 

    2008 New Works in the Collection of NBK, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany 

    2008 Digital Spaces, Gallery Digital Art Museum, Berlin, Germany 

    2007 Searching for an ideal urbanity, Schloß Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany 

    2007 New members, Werkbund Gallery, Berlin, Germany 

    2006 Talking cities - ENTRY 2006, Zeche Zollverein, Essen, Germany 

    2004 Fly Utopia!, transmediale 04 - i media art festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin Germany 

    2002 urbandrift / night space, Café Moskau, Berlin, Germany 

    2002 MUSEUTOPIA, group show KarlErnst Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Germany 

    2002 Stadt(t)räume – works from the collection, Karl-Ernst Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Germany

    Selected Group Exhibitions and Screenings 


    2018 Grant: Artist in residence, Schlesinger Foundation Switzerland 

    2017 Grant: Artist in residence, Villa Lena Foundation, Italy 

    2014 Grant: Cité des Arts Internationale de Paris selected by German Ministry of Cultural Affairs 

    2005/07 Grant: Academy Schloß Solitude Stuttgart, Germany

    2002 Grant: Postgraduate scholarship of the State Thüringen, Germany 

    2001 Grant: Artist in residence, Schlesinger Foundation Switzerland 

    2000 2nd Prize in the Competition for the redesign of Plattenbausiedlung Hellersdorf 

    1999 Art Award ring Switzerland

  • Works

    Container 2 S1B Berlin 83x86x3.5cmLarge scale slide in LED lightbox, mixed media

    Virtual Interior PeFracO100x140x3.5cmLarge scale slide in LED lightframe, mixed media
    Container Paris MdV103x103x3.5cmXL Diapositive in LED light frame, mixed media
    Container Paris SynM103x103x3.5cmXL Diapositive in LED light frame, mixed media
    Container 15 Tokyo glass XS40x40x9cmDiaposive in light box, mixed media
    Virtual Interior UM White XS 21x30x9cmDiapositive in light box, mixed media
    Virtual Interior OW XS21x30x9cmDiapositive in light box, mixed media
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