Anderson & Low
Britsh, B. 1961 / 1957)

Fine art photographers Anderson & Low have built an international reputation with projects based around the concept of sport. Gymnasts – NDGT resulted from an intense, three-year collaboration between the artists and the National Danish Gymnastic Team (NDGT). This unique project, shot entirely on film, predates the use of computers for retouching – everything in the image is what happened. It also provided the NDGT with a chance for personal and professional growth, by challenging the gymnasts to work beyond the normal confines of gymnastic movement and consider further balance, power, strength, stamina and theatricality.

The project propelled Anderson & Low into the forefront of the fine art photographic world and contemporary art market. Since then, the work has been exhibited around the world, and Anderson & Low’s sporting projects have been exhibited and collected by museums worldwide including: The National Portrait Gallery (London, UK), The Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK), The National Portrait Gallery of Australia, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (USA), The High Museum of Art (Atlanta, USA), the National Art Gallery of Malaysia, the Colorado Springs Fine Art Centre (USA) and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville (USA).

這兩位極富才華的攝影家特別於2015年於Bluerider ART展出具有回顧性質的特展,為十年來首次舉行。因長期拍攝與運動相關的作品,Anderson & Low在國際藝術圈享有盛名。Gymnasts-NDGT中,他們一起拍攝出古希臘羅馬的古典主義中出現的完美裸體身形,同時也把古代崇尚的運動健美身形轉換為一種抽象化而更具風格的作品。Bluerider ART此次展覽分別就此系列風、土、水、火四個主題各選出幾幅具代表性的作品展出,藝術家也特別為了在台灣的首次亮相而沖印數幅新作。

Anderson & Low的作品在世界各地展出,並且含括許多博物館與私人收藏;Gymnasts-NDGT系列成功地把Anderson & Low推到了藝術攝影市場的最前端,自那時起他們的作品也開始在世界各地展出並被博物館收藏,包含: 英國國家肖像館,維多利亞&亞伯特博物館,澳洲國家肖像館,休士頓美術館,亞特蘭大藝術博物館,馬來西亞國家美術館,科羅拉多Springs藝術中心及美國佛羅里達州傑克遜當代藝術博物館。

Selected Exhibitions

• Solo Exhibition, Bluerider Art, Taipei, Taiwan
• “City of Mines”, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Centre, Colorado, USA
• Group exhibition, Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland, USA
• Photo Shanghai, Shanghai, China
• “Who shot sports” Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA
• “Manga Dreams”, Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
• “Manga Dreams”, Young Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
• “Endure – an Intimate Journey with the Chinese Gymnasts”, Fahey Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
• “The Road to 2012” (as part of the 2012 Olympic Games Cultural Festival – The Cultural Olympiad), National
Portrait Gallery, London, UK
• “Manga Dreams”, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France
• “Manga Dreams”, Galerie Photo 12, Paris, France
• “Manga Dreams”, Musée de la Civilisation, Québec, Canada
• “Endure – an Intimate Journey with the Chinese Gymnasts”, Serindia Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
• “Manga Dreams”, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, UK
• “Family Intimacies”, Museum of the National University of Singapore
• “Manga Dreams”, Rogaland Theatre, Stavanger, Norway
• ” Manga Dreams “, Hamiltons Gallery. London, UK
• “Circus”, Lowry Museum, UK
• “Champions”, National Portrait Gallery, London
• “Chrysalis”, Light & Sie Gallery, Dallas, USA
• ” Athlete / Warrior “, Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, Florida, USA
• “Athlete / Warrior”, Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta, USA
• “Athlete / Warrior”, Medici Gallery, London, UK
• “Athlete / Warrior”, Throckmorton Fine Art, New York, USA
• “Athlete / Warrior”, Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, USA
• “Athlete / Warrior”, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado, USA
• Photo London, “Abstractions” Photographers’ Gallery, London, UK
• “Athlete / Warrior”, US Olympic Center, USA
• “Forms” The Photographers’ Gallery, London, UK

Permanent Collections

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
National Portrait Gallery of the UK
National Gallery of Australia
National Portrait Gallery of Australia
Museum of Fine Arts, Houtson
High Museum of Art, Atlanta

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