Dingyi Lin

Born in Taipei, BFA Sculpture, China Academy of Art, China in 1997. Lin currently lives and works in Xiamen, also manage as Director of the Xiamen Unusual Museum. Over the past twenty years, Lin had been dedicated to his art and had created many series of art works mainly using stainless steel and red copper. Lin had several awards including the Biennial Award of the 10th International Biennial Print Exhibit with works collected by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan Arts Exhibition Award and the National Literature and Art Award. Lin's first work of architecture, Taiwan Baishi Art Museum, is known for its arty style of design and had been exposed in many commercial shootings. His permanent collection including the monumental sculpture at the lobby of Xiamen Continental Hotel.

With multiple identities as museum director, architecture designer, interior designer, Lin has plentiful experiences both in the field of fine art and applied arts. Stainless steel is applied as main medium for his sculpture works. The idea for creating sculpture to Lin is not about reinforcing the symbol of the East or the West, metaphorically the artist considers himself as a man living in the cave, carving on the rocks and land in an original way to create a world of his own. As many artists frequently asked, "What is the nature of art?" The language Lin applies in his work does not emphasize on fancy transformation of shape or form, instead, his works are quiet and pure, looking for an abstract expression that speaks for the strength of simplicity.

The first architectural design work - Baishi Art Museum, Taiwan

InterContinental Xiamen, China

Unusual Museum, China

The humble character of the artist and the passion towards life lead him to constantly explore the purity of soul through his artwork. He seeks for the most innocent appearance of spirit, believing that all art work derives from the experience of life. The artist once said: " My work is like the marrow and bones in my body. They are inseparable. I can't explore things that are not related to my life." Using pure form to express his perception towards the world, Lin constructs a philosophical view of life. "What I want to convey is that power of guileless, quietly releasing the substance that touches directly to the heart with inner elegance and stability. While time passes, everything becomes small, humble, and irrelevant." With his art, the artist refines the sensitivity and sincerity he had from life.

The artist particularly admires the aesthetics of the supreme realm in oriental culture

stainless steel with copper

With the concept of the shape of all things, construct a philosophical outlook on life.


1997 Department of Sculpture, Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, China


2018 Tainan Art Fair
2009 Lin, Dingyi Sculpture Solo Exhibition, Baishi Art Museum, Miaoli
2006 Young Sculptors Group Exhibition, National Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
2005 Group Exhibition of Sculptors, National Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
2004 "Shadow" series sculpture solo exhibition; Taichung Cultural Center, Taichung
2004 Lin, Dingyi Solo Exhibition of Sculptures, Jinshi Art Gallery, Taiwan
2003 China Academy of Art Group Exhibition, Zhejiang, China
2001 Group Exhibition of Sculptors, National Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
1998 Solo Exhibition of Tibetan Photography, zhuang kuang Gallery, Taichung
1997 "Camped Days", Eslite Photography Exhibition, Taipei

Awards and Honors

The works of the 10th International Sketch and Print Biennale are in the collection of National Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan
Awarded in the 44th, 45th and 46th National Art Exhibition
The 10th and 11th Taiwan Central Art Exhibition Mayor Award
Taiwan Literature and Art Awards

Dialogue: Elsa Wang v.s. Lin, Dingyi

Trailer: ‘ Wind Catcher’ – Lin Dingyi First Solo exhibition 2020.4.18-6.13

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