Jonathan Rosen
USA, b.1975)

I WANT (Dream Machine)| 2020| 60.96×91.44×7.62cm (24″ x 36″x 3″)| Ed. 7 of 10| Time-based media sculpture Two-way mirror, display,
mini-PC, aluminum frame

EXPRSSED|2015|48″x72″(122x183cm)|13,000 Emoji stickers collaged to canvas





As an emergent artist, Jonathan Rosen has established his stable and recognizable style in the early stage of creating. Seizing the power of visuals and words, at the same time, delicately observing the inner part of people. Rosen exposes the desire that people tend to hide in the deep of mind through collaging and carving away the words “I WANT …”. Leaving an unfulfilled dream both conceptually and in structure. Rosen’s work grant viewers a safe space to reflect on their own desires. He believes love is the basis of wanting. If these remain untold, they will never have the power to manifest.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021 DREAM MACHINE, EthCC, Paris
2021 BIG DROP, Nasdaq Tower, New York
2021 W1 CURATES x Jonathan Rosen, London
2020 MORE’S LAW “Pink”, Spring/Break Art Show, New York  
2020 MORE’S LAW “Gold”, Spring/Break Art Show, Los Angeles
2019 WALKING ON CLOUDS, Smithsonian Museum x Halcyon, Washington DC 
2019 GAY AS,  OnCanal x Wallplay 
2018 DOUBLE LIFE, Spring/Break Art Show & Wallplay, NY   
2017 I’LL BE HAPPY WHEN Spring/Break Art Show NYC
2014 WANT LOVE, Rox Gallery, LES, NYC
2014 I WANT _, Wallplay Gallery, LES, NYC

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 THE STANDARD DREAM MACHINE, The Standard Hotel, Art Basel Miami
2021 EXPOSURE, SeeMe x Scope Art Show, Art Basel Miami
2021 CONCRETE LOVE, House of Beautiful Business, Lisbon
2021 JOURNEYS, SeeMe, New York
2021 INNOVATE, Untitled Space, New York
2021 CODED, Beacon Gallery, Boston
2021 CULTURE KEEPERS, Cornell Art Museum, Florida
2021 WHAT IF?, Filo Sofi Arts, New Jersey
2021 CLEAN SLATE, Gruin Gallery, Los Angeles
2020 CELEBRATE, Cornell Art Museum, Florida 
2020 SPECTRUM | THE CLIMATE CRISIS EXPERIENCE, The Museum Kitchener, Ontario
2020 PLAY, GQ Sport, Super Bowl Miami
2020 BE, Pandora Live x Lizzo, Super Bowl Miami
2020 CES, Pandora Live, Las Vegas
2019 BE, Pandora Live x Halsey, NYC
2019 MADE IN ILLUSION, Artron Art Museum x Wavelength, Shenzhen, China
2019 INLIGHT, 1708 Gallery, Richmond (Public Art Festival)
2019 SUPER FUNLAND, Museum of Sex, NYC
2019 NYC WAVELENGTH Re:SET Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art
2019 Chengdu I RED Iinnoo Gallery, Bellagio Hotel Shanghai

2018 TECH EFFECT, Cornell Art Museum, Florida
2018 SEPTEMBER Fashion On Canal On Canal x Wallplay, NYC
2018 Re:SET Powerlong Museum x Wavelength, Shanghai
2018 DEFINING FORM The Untitled Space, NYC
2018 29ROOMS Refinery29, San Francisco
2018 29ROOMS Refinery29, Chicago
2018 FANTASTIC 4 DUN-REN Bluerider ART, Taipei
2018 THE HEART OF NEW YORK, Bloomingdales, NYC
2018 LOVE STORY Story Inc, NYC
2017 29ROOMS Refinery29, Los Angeles
2017 29ROOMS Refinery29, NYC
2017 ART CENTRAL / ART BASEL WEEK Bluerider ART Hong Kong
2016 ART TAIPEI Bluerider Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 RE:PURPOSE Wallplay / Complex Media @ The Hole Gallery, NYC
2016 I WANT, Bluerider Art, Taipei, Taiwan (2-person show)
2016 PUNKS, POETS & PROVOCATEURS The Barn @ Gruin Gallery, South Hampton
2016 I WANT CRED, SXSW, Austin (Public Art Installation)
2016 LOST & FOUND, Palmer Art Projects, Sydney (2-person show)
2015 METAREALISM, Palmer Art Projects, Sydney, 2015
2015 THE KNOT, William Wright Artist Projects, Sydney (2-person show)
2014 THE CRYING SHOW, Rox Gallery, LES, NYC
2014 SEPARATION ANXIETY, Wallplay Gallery, LES, NYC
2013 ROCK $ THEM, Rox Gallery, LES, NYC
2013 WISH MEME, Old School & New Museum’s Ideas City, Soho, NYC


The LiveStrong Foundation
Pandora Music
Colette in Paris

 ” I WANT ” Jonathan Rosen
Curator Lauren Xandra For BlueriderART

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