Off-Gassing From the Cloud


Desire Obtain Cherish

(USA, b. 1975)

“明知雲端世界如彩虹般迷幻,你卻依舊無法自拔” – D.O.C.

藝術家 Desire Obtain Cherish,畢業於紐約知名藝術學校 Parsons School of Design,擁有廣告和藝術理論背景。混合了街頭藝術、普普藝術與挪用的創作手法,他利用諷刺性的商業符號企圖驅動社會議題的討論。知名媒體 BLOUIN ARTINFO 形容他是「用最美麗與刺激的藝術外表、來包裝社會的良知」。從 DOC的別名也可以看出他的藝術信仰: 渴望、獲得、珍惜。活耀於紐約各大藝博會,曾在威尼斯雙年展、紐約Saks 第五大道百貨公司等展出。作品獲紐約文華東方酒店集團、NBA知名球星Dirk Nowitzki及Andrei Kirilenko、知名對沖基金執行長Joseph and Diana Dimenna、邁阿密房地產總裁Gilbert Benhamou及F1 賽車總裁 Bernie Ecclestone等重要機構與私人收藏。

‘Off-Gassing From the Cloud’ is DOC‘s third solo exhibition with Bluerider ART. The show presents latest series of paintings and a rainbow room implicating the cloud world we live in. DOC describes his mindset as “Off-Gassing From The Cloud”. Off-gassing is commonly referred to as a chemical smell, an invisible gas that is produced from the manufacturing of plastics. It’s that new car smell. The smell of a new toy. The smell that prompts your instincts say hey, something’s not quite right, yet your eyes are screaming yes I want it!

"I imagine a ‘cloud’. The ‘cloud’ is a place, we are told, where all of our phone and computer data goes. One ‘cloud’ holds all the information from social media all over the world. This ‘cloud’ is uploading millions of images that are shared over and over and over again. I’ll bet if we considered which images were the most abundant in this ‘cloud’, that the images wouldn’t be art historical. They would not be medical, social, or family photos. They would be millions of cute puppies, kittens, hearts, LINE stickers, and memes. The sheer magnitude of these shared cultural images is so overwhelming that the ‘cloud’ is off-gassing them."

The subject matter of DOC's new paintings incorporates what he refers to as unfortunate subject matter. Puppies, butterflies and pixel stickers shouldn’t be the subject matter of serious fine art paintings. They shouldn’t be the subject matter of anything but a text chain through WhatsApp or LINE. Yet, DOC imagines these images to be the most relevant of our time. Painted with oil paint, enamel, acrylic, and colored pencils, the mixed media is applied as randomly as the subject matter appears in a text chain. The paintings represent the off-gassing from a swollen, overfed cloud of mass media shared images.

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