Pearl VII

藝術家:Christiane Grimm

Size:60 x 60 x 10cm


媒材:Mixed media and acrylic glass


Christiane Grimm
(Germany, b. 1957

Christiane Grimm's artistic work is characterized by colors and their interrelationship. Her concept to from images is breaking through the formal stringency of abstract geometric art. In her latest pieces she is totally opening them and arranges them freely. Despite the diversity of shapes in her composition she accentuates the sensual aspect of colour. She is aiming at the process of seeing and on the movement of colours. In her objects she sets colour and form in such a way, that the one broken through the other, produces a calculated and at the same time vital image world.

A trained architect and self-taught artist, she works with a wide range of colour materials, from oils and acrylics to pastels, and generally creates visual objects, architectural light sculptures, and boxes from Perspex, antique glass, and ribbed glass. The sensual effect conveyed by her works results from the varying interactions between the colours, the composition, the space, the material, and the lighting.

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