BlueriderDaily 九周年特展預告片”去罢,野草”

Bluerider ART 創辦人王薇薇 Elsa Wang 在九周年提出未來展望:

「走入十年在藝術圈還很年輕,不過,Bluerider ART 的前六年,是一個密集衝撞傳統體制期,歷經對內向外大幅度實驗突破、在感性推廣與理性落實間,摸索極限。近三年突發的全球疫情,加速我們提前轉向收斂深化,建立效率精簡的運作模式,台北、上海團隊聯手多國代理藝術家,形成 Bluerider ART 自成一格、 跨地域文化網絡。展望未來 2023 年將是 Bluerider ART 立此穩健架構上,邁向新階段新征程的起手式,我們將逐步恢復疫情前的各項展覽交流活動,整合不同展館發揮特色,為藏家與大眾帶來更多面向的創意活力。

回首九年來時路,眼前只見一片青草綠,腦中浮現中國文學家曾言:「天地有如此靜穆」 ,心存渺小仆伏,故九周年特展取其文中一句 「去罢,野草」 Wild Grass 為展名自勉。

野草狂放 ! 自由低微無所浮誇,吸日月精露大量自複製,任無數自然生命汲取養分。
野草怒吼 ! 燒腐朽翻新局,擎大地歲月堅韌之力爭時空蔓漫,面挑戰絕處逢生。
去罢,野草! 不忘熱愛。」
王薇薇 Elsa Wang 2022.12.13

Elsa Wang, founder of Bluerider ART, proposed the future vision on the ninth anniversary:

“Entering ten years into the art circle is still very young. However, the first six years of Bluerider ART was a period of intensive collision with the traditional system. After a large number of experimental breakthroughs from the inside to the outside, we explored the limits between perceptual promotion and rational implementation. The sudden global epidemic in the past three years has accelerated our shift to convergence and deepening in advance, and the establishment of an efficient and streamlined operation model. The Taipei and Shanghai teams have teamed up with our multi-national representing artists to form a self-contained, cross-cultural network.

Looking forward to the future, 2023 will base on this solid structure and move towards a new stage and new journey. We will gradually resume various exhibition and exchange activities before the epidemic, integrate different exhibition halls to play their unique characteristics, and bring more facets and creativities to collectors and the public.

Looking back on the past nine years, I only see a vast green grass in front of my eyes, echoing the great Chinese writer Lu Xun said “the heaven and earth is so serene”. My heart is humble and small. Therefore, the 9th anniversary special exhibition takes a line from his article “Go, wildgrass” as the name of the exhibition to self-encouraging.

Wild grass is free, simple and humble without exaggeration, absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon to reproduce in large quantities, allowing countless natural life to absorb nutrients.

Wild grass roars! Burn the rot and renovate the bureau, hold on to the tenacity of the earth, strive for the spread of time and space, and face the challenge to survive from desperation.

The romantic blood of Bluerider spirit injected with this Wild grass undead gene. East and West are combined.

Go, Wild grass, with passion and love . “
Elsa Wang 2022.12.13

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