Brigitta Rossetti
Italian, B.1974)

Brigitta Rossetti is both a skilled poet and acclaimed visual artist who lives and creates in Milan in her native Italy as well as Chicago, U.S.A. After graduating from Pavia University with a degree in Humanities, she received her Master’s in Multimedia Publishing from Politecnico di Milano. Rossetti has since accumulated various awards throughout her artistic career, such as in the Italia Arte International Competition, and the Arte Fiera’s Contemporary Art Talent award. Her works have been exhibited at well known international art fairs, including the Florence VII Biennale, La Biennale Internazionale d’Arte di Ferrara, Miami River Fair, and Art Fair Beijing. Defining experiences for Rossetti as an artist were exhibitions at Zhou Brothers Art Center, Chicago in 2010 and 2011, and a solo exhibition at the Museum In Motion in 2013 and the Museo Regionale di Scienca Naturali, Torino in 2012. As a highly talented artist of dual disciplines, it comes as no surprise that Rossetti has also been recognized for her written works as her poetry was published Enciclopedia degli Autori Italiani in 2009. As a multimedia artist, she often combines elements and theory behind her own written verse and those of others in her visual works, conveying the diversity and complexity of inspiration behind each brush stroke.

榮獲義大利6 間知名美術館收藏 Collected by 6 prominent museums in Italy

As an Italian, Rossetti taps into to the plethora of cultural, philosophical, and literary history of her homeland, which through the Ancient Roman Empire, Latin language, and later, the birth of the Renaissance served as a launching ground for much of European civilization. This connection, both for Rossetti and for the Arts, of modernity and antiquity inspires parallels in philosophical notions to be drawn and created upon as the nature of expression has changed little over time. Rossetti has been influenced by such classic Latin works as Ovid’s Metamorphoses and especially that of Titus Lucretius’s De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things), a celebration and wonderment of natural order. It is not solely the realm of the Classics from where Rossetti has found her inspiration. One can see parallels in her work to such modern artists as Marcel Duchamp and Andy Warhol as both used “ready-made articles” in their creations. Similarly, Rossetti uses pieces of books, poems, and music scores throughout her works creating not only a multimedia vehicle to relay what she has to say, but bringing multi-dimentionality, and more importantly, making a solid, worldly connection with the audience.

Bluerider ART is proud to bring Brigitta Rossetti’s prodigious talent to Taiwan in the form “I fiori e il sole”, a solo exhibition comprised of four series, “Sounding Flowers”, “Liber”, “Fiori Immaganari” and “Fiori Di-versi”. ”Sounding Flower” is a an excellent example of the ways Rossetti utilizes elements of sculpture, painting, and ready-made articles to create an installation that invites one into a scene where music, word, paint, and structure combine in an installation where the viewer is at once audience and also conductor. In “Liber”, Rossetti uses torn and rumpled pages from Dante’s Divine Comedy, reshaping them as butterfly forms and affixing them to book stands. Every detail, from the carefully selected verses to butterfly wings interspersed among the words, reflects back to the series title, “Liber” (Free) and is certainly an ode to freedom. In “Fiori Immaganari” we see that imaginary flowers with imaginative names rise vertically before pages of floating text and ethereal backdrop, unhindered by the weight of reality. “Fiori Di-versi” celebrates the diversity of flowers as the diversity of life summed up beautifully in the artist’s own description of a recurrent dream as, ”Where my flowers become swords and lilies, two diverse objects, yet both heralding peace”. Few modern artists so superbly combine literary elements and visual display into one seamless message backed by deep philosophical roots as Rossetti has. Two genres collide, bringing together centuries past and a future of possibility in one creative outpouring. There is no future without history and it’s difficult to imagine a future without more masterful works to come from Brigitta Rossetti.

2014 Asolo 雙年展繪畫類首獎 The first prize in ITALY Asolo Biennale

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 Fantastic 4, Bluerider Art Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan a cura di Elsa Wang – Cat
2017 Esposizione personale, Chung Yo Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
2016 I fiori e il sogno, Bluerider ART Gallery, Taipei
2015 Effetti personali, Bipielle Arte, Banca Popolare di Lodi, Lodi
2014 La possibilità di un’isola, Tenuta Colombara, Livorno Ferraris
2014 I Fiori e il Sole, Bluerider ART Gallery, Taipei
2013 Fiori di-versi, Bucolica, Villa Castelbarco, Vaprio d’Adda, Milano
2013 Childrens Garden, Ubi Terrarum, Castello di San Pietro in Cerro, Piacenza
2013 To make a prairie, Galleria Biffi Arte, Piacenza
2012 La flor que jo esperaba, Dulgar Gallery, South Holland, Chicago
2012 Passi Verdi, Museo Regionale di scienze Naturali, Torino
2012 La flor que jo esperaba, 33 Contemporary Art Gallery, Chicago
2011 Lost spring e Sogni di Pietra, Esercizio di natura morta, White Fashion Show, Milano
2010 Il Respiro Della Natura, Air Bank, Piacenza
2009 The Hunter, Palazzo delle Istituzioni, Grazzano Visconti, Piacenza
2008 Stelle Senza Lato, Centro Arte Moderna di Pisa, Pisa
2008 Stelle Senza Lato, Galerie im Alcatraz, Hallein, Austria
2007 Comunicazione Evolutiva dell’Inconscio, Museo Flavio Roma, Genova

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020    Lost Spring VI    Arte Laguna Prize 19. 20    Venice, Italy

Selected Collections

2019 Hi five Bluerider ART Gallery Taipei, Taiwan
2019 Mostra per i finalisti Rospigliosi Art Prize Zagarolo, Roma
2018 Fantastic 4 Bluerider ART Gallery Taipei, Taiwan
2018 Premio internazionale Pop revolution Italian Factory Fabbrica del Vapore a cura di Philippe Daverio Premio Arte Pop Revolution
2018 Biennale del Tirreno Cava dei Tirreni, Salerno a curo di Federico Caloi, con segnalazione dalla critica
2018 Esposizione per i finalisti, Rospigliosi Art Prize Zagarolo Roma direzione artistica Galleria Vittoria
2017 Salone del mobile Spazio Salvioni a cura di Barbara Paci Milano
2017 Der Blaure Reiter, Pop up show Bluerider ART Gallery Taipei
2016 Selectbration Bluerider ART Gallery Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Cheongjou International Craft Biennal
2015 Grazie Italia National Pavilions Guatemala and Grenad Venezia, Italy
2014 Femminile, plurale Galleria Biffi Arte Piacenza, Italy
2014 Porto Franco Villa Castelnuovo Palermo, Iyaly
2014 Hortus Conclusus Museo Miit, Torino
2014 Satura Art Contest Palazzo Stella Genova, Italy
2014 Monochrome 33 Contemporary Art Gallery Chicago
2013 Arte a teatro Galleria Wiki Arte Milano
2013 Art, energy, future National Laboratory Argonne, USA
2013 Cultural Symbiosis 33 Contemporary Art Gallery Chicago
2012 Italians do it better(?) Latino Art Museum Pomona, USA
2012 La Via Italiana all’informale Palazzo Zenobio Venezia
2012 Bologna Off Art fair Galleria Wiki Arte Bologna
2011 Current Main Gallery Chicago
2011 Il segno e la materia Mostra Premio Galleria Zamenhof Milano
2010 Ars Creandi Museo Crocetti Roma
2010 In-Visible Borgo di Vigoleno, Fondazione D’Ars Piacenza, Italy
2009 Mostra-premio Internazionale Italia Arte Villa Gualino Torino
2009 Save the Children Conservatorio di Milano Milano
2009 The Flag NY Arts Beijing Gallery Signorini
2008 Renaissance galleria The New Ars Italica Milano
2008 Grafica d’autore Centro Arte Moderna di Pisa Pisa

Brigitta Rossetti 2nd Solo show ” I fiori e il sogno “artist interview
Brigitta Rossetti – I fiori e il sogno Opening
Brigitta Rossetti 2nd Solo show – I fiori e il sogno Opening

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