Brigitta Rossetti
Italy, b.1974)

Brigitta Rossetti (b.1974) is both a skilled poet and acclaimed visual Italian artist who lives and creates her artwork in Milan and Chicago. Rossetti has accumulated various awards throughout her artistic career, such as the second prize at Talent Contemporary Art Fair of Padua in 2011 and the first prize painting at the Asolo Biennal, curated by Giovanni Faccenda, 2014. During 2015, she had also participated in several international shows such as Cheongjou International Craft Biennal、Bipielle Arte and La Biennale di Venezia.

For Rossetti, any used material or the object from daily life could be her source of creation. Rossetti’s new work, a painting installation, ”Sempre dritto, avanti, gira a destra” (Go ahead, straight on, turn right) is an installation which the artist retrieved seven old round sieves and painted each one with the imaginary planets. The number seven symbolizes the perfection and the goodness of human. The patterns of nature on the sieves reflect childhood memories, music, tales and stories that brighten up human existence. “Seven Days of Thanks Living” is another work how artist extends the application of multi-medium in a subtle way that, with attachment of books and poems on ancient bakery shovels commonly seen in Italy, Rossetti shows again the essence of her poetic characteristics on her creation through the combination of personal belongings and banal daily object.

“It is the silence of the wide spaces of the countryside that surrounds me”, Brigitta Rossetti explains, “which revives age-old traditions such as the evening tales, the prayers around a chapel, the blessings of ground, sun and rain...such memories lead me to add flowers, leaves, logs, butterflies and other organic matter to my material natural works.” Rossetti applies polynary medium with diverse topics to present her romantic and poetic characteristics. It's another step forward in her creation that she combines the painting with readymade objects that leads audience to another artistic imagery. With words symbolizing the seeds that could grow as flowers in the dream, Rossetti directs a poetic journey of self-discovery that viewers could explore their own wonderland.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 Fantastic 4, Bluerider Art Gallery, Taipei,Taiwan a cura di Elsa Wang – Cat
2017 Esposizione personale, Chung Yo Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
2016 I fiori e il sogno, Bluerider ART Gallery, Taipei
2015 Effetti personali, Bipielle Arte, Banca Popolare di Lodi, Lodi
2014 La possibilità di un’isola, Tenuta Colombara, Livorno Ferraris
2014 I Fiori e il Sole, Bluerider ART Gallery, Taipei
2013 Fiori di-versi, Bucolica, Villa Castelbarco, Vaprio d’Adda, Milano
2013 Childrens Garden, Ubi Terrarum, Castello di San Pietro in Cerro, Piacenza
2013 To make a prairie, Galleria Biffi Arte, Piacenza
2012 La flor que jo esperaba, Dulgar Gallery, South Holland, Chicago
2012 Passi Verdi, Museo Regionale di scienze Naturali, Torino
2012 La flor que jo esperaba, 33 Contemporary Art Gallery, Chicago
2011 Lost spring e Sogni di Pietra, Esercizio di natura morta, White Fashion Show, Milano
2010 Il Respiro Della Natura, Air Bank, Piacenza
2009 The Hunter, Palazzo delle Istituzioni, Grazzano Visconti, Piacenza
2008 Stelle Senza Lato, Centro Arte Moderna di Pisa, Pisa
2008 Stelle Senza Lato, Galerie im Alcatraz, Hallein, Austria
2007 Comunicazione Evolutiva dell’Inconscio, Museo Flavio Roma, Genova

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020    Lost Spring VI    Arte Laguna Prize 19. 20    Venice, Italy

Selected Collections

2019 Hi five Bluerider ART Gallery Taipei, Taiwan
2019 Mostra per i finalisti Rospigliosi Art Prize Zagarolo, Roma
2018 Fantastic 4 Bluerider ART Gallery Taipei, Taiwan
2018 Premio internazionale Pop revolution Italian Factory Fabbrica del Vapore a cura di Philippe Daverio Premio Arte Pop Revolution
2018 Biennale del Tirreno Cava dei Tirreni, Salerno a curo di Federico Caloi, con segnalazione dalla critica
2018 Esposizione per i finalisti, Rospigliosi Art Prize Zagarolo Roma direzione artistica Galleria Vittoria
2017 Salone del mobile Spazio Salvioni a cura di Barbara Paci Milano
2017 Der Blaure Reiter, Pop up show Bluerider ART Gallery Taipei
2016 Selectbration Bluerider ART Gallery Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Cheongjou International Craft Biennal
2015 Grazie Italia National Pavilions Guatemala and Grenad Venezia, Italy
2014 Femminile, plurale Galleria Biffi Arte Piacenza, Italy
2014 Porto Franco Villa Castelnuovo Palermo, Iyaly
2014 Hortus Conclusus Museo Miit, Torino
2014 Satura Art Contest Palazzo Stella Genova, Italy
2014 Monochrome 33 Contemporary Art Gallery Chicago
2013 Arte a teatro Galleria Wiki Arte Milano
2013 Art, energy, future National Laboratory Argonne, USA
2013 Cultural Symbiosis 33 Contemporary Art Gallery Chicago
2012 Italians do it better(?) Latino Art Museum Pomona, USA
2012 La Via Italiana all’informale Palazzo Zenobio Venezia
2012 Bologna Off Art fair Galleria Wiki Arte Bologna
2011 Current Main Gallery Chicago
2011 Il segno e la materia Mostra Premio Galleria Zamenhof Milano
2010 Ars Creandi Museo Crocetti Roma
2010 In-Visible Borgo di Vigoleno, Fondazione D’Ars Piacenza, Italy
2009 Mostra-premio Internazionale Italia Arte Villa Gualino Torino
2009 Save the Children Conservatorio di Milano Milano
2009 The Flag NY Arts Beijing Gallery Signorini
2008 Renaissance galleria The New Ars Italica Milano
2008 Grafica d’autore Centro Arte Moderna di Pisa Pisa

Brigitta Rossetti 2nd Solo show ” I fiori e il sogno “artist interview
Brigitta Rossetti – I fiori e il sogno Opening
Brigitta Rossetti 2nd Solo show – I fiori e il sogno Opening

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