Tapestry Art

1.19 – 2.24

open: Daily 10am – 7pm
Bluerider 敦仁館 Dun-Ren gallery
1F, No.10, Ln 101, Sec 1, Daan Rd., Taipei

CuratedKathleen Goncharov(現任美國Boca Raton Museum of Art 首席策展人與第50屆威尼斯雙年展美國國家館策展人)

Featured ARTISTS:
Donald & Era Farnsworth (USA)
Alex Katz (USA, b.1927)
Squeak Carnwath (USA, b.1947)
Guy Diehl (USA, b.1949)
Basil Kincaid (USA. B.1986)

This exhibition features American artists who are known for work in many media but have also worked with tapestry. The tapestry medium is ancient and international. It was used in Pharaonic Egypt, mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, and some historians believe that tapestries covered the interior walls of the Parthenon. Tapestry first appeared in China in the Tang Dynasty and was especially popular during the Ming period.

This was also the same time period when tapestries were most coveted by the aristocracy in Europe. They sold for astronomical sums and covered the vast walls of castles and palaces. Although the popularity of the medium waned in subsequent years, it was revived in the 20 th century when artists such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, and Alexander Calder made tapestries. Artists whose work is primarily in painting, photography, sculpture, video, etc. are increasingly fascinated with the possibilities of tapestry and have begun to explore the medium in depth.

Donald and Era Farnsworth, whose work is featured in this exhibition with six magnificent work that pair Eastern and Western artistic traditions, have perfected the jacquard process, a system using a series of perforated cards that was first developed in the 19th century, and combined it with sophisticated digital imaging software that enables artists to work with minute details and an almost infinite palette of colors. Once the image is set the final work is woven by traditional artisans in Belgium.

Curator | Kathleen Goncharov

Katheen Goncharov is currently Senior Curator at the Boca Raton Museum of Art. She served as US Commissioner to the 50th Venice Biennale where she curated an exhibition by Fred Wilson at the American pavilion. She has also organized exhibitions internationally in Cairo, Rio de Janeiro, New Delhi, Bologna, and Rome. She was Public Art Curator at the List Visual Art Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she oversaw the Institute’s Percent-for Art Program; Executive Director of Rutgers University’s Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions artist-in-residence program, and Adjunct Curator of Contemporary Art at the Nasher Museum at Duke University. For fourteen years she Curator of the University Art Collection at The New School in New York City where she built a major art collection and organized public programs for the Vera List Center for Art and Politics.


Alex Katz (USA, b.1927)

Alex Katz is a New York based painter and printmaker, specializing in boldly simplified portraits and landscapes. Though influenced by American Scene artists as well as diverse elements of European and American modernism, he has avoided affiliation with any group or movement. To a great degree, Katz's distinction lies in the fascinating dialogue he developed between realism and more abstract tendencies in modernism.
His heroically scaled landscapes and figural compositions recall Monet's late Water Lilies, Abstract Expressionist compositions, and roadside billboards. Rendered in bold and flat colors with sparing detail, his canvases create a double affirmation of the motif and the painted surface. His technique owes much to the crisp manner of commercial art and illustration, and this feature, along with his uncomplicated display of contemporary subjects, dovetails into Pop art. Much in the way Andy Warhol turned a Campbell's soup can into an instantly recognizable symbol, Katz transformed his circle of family and friends into visually arresting icons. His repeated return to subjects for which he has a fondness, such as his wife, pool-side bathers, and the quiet Maine landscape, encourages reception of his work as a blithesome celebration of the everyday in middle-class America. Works by Alex Katz can be found in over 100 public collections worldwide including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; The Museum of Modern Art, New York; The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York and the Tate Gallery (England), among others.

Squeak Carnwath (USA, b.1947)

Squeak Carnwath 畢業於加州藝術學院(California College of Arts and Crafts)擁有藝術碩士學位,自1983年起執教於加州大學戴維斯與柏克萊分校 (University of California Davis and Berkeley),直至2011年以榮譽教授身分於藝術實踐系退休。曾獲國家藝術基金會(NEA)、舊金山現代藝術博物館(SF MoMA)、古根漢基金會(John Simon Guggenheim Foundation)獎項。展出經歷包含舊金山現代藝術博物館、加州奧克蘭博物館(Oakland Museum of California)、阿斯朋藝術博物館(Aspen Art Museum)、波特蘭藝術博物館(Portland Art Museum)、加州大學柏克萊分校The Townsend Center等,並獲美國藝術暨文學學會(American Academy of Arts and Letters)、大都會美術館(The Metropolitan Museum of Art)、波士頓美術館(Museum of Fine Arts)、耶魯大學美術館(Yale University Art Gallery)、微軟(Microsoft Corporation)等學術單位與機構收藏。
Squeak Carnwath的創作調和1970年代以降的藝術運動,包含新表現主義、觀念藝術與過程藝術等理念,以獨樹一幟的手法將生活哲思透過繪畫、版畫與壁毯的形式呈現。Carnwath的畫布上可見豐富的筆觸與色彩運用,同時也透過筆記方式的拼貼和繕寫記錄下書籍中的語句,或是創作當下於廣播上聽聞到的時事,即時性地捕捉日常的吉光片羽,紐約時報首席藝評家Roberta Smith亦曾點題Carnwath的創作過程具森羅萬象的特性,不僅是繪畫,也連結起藝術家思想、世界觀以及工作室生活的形貌。

Guy Diehl (USA, b.1949)

寫實主義藝術家Guy Diehl畢業於舊金山州立大學(San Francisco State University)藝術學院碩士學位,師事普普藝術家Mel Rose、照片寫實主義大家Richard McLean與Robert Bechtle,並自成一格以細膩卻富寓意的靜物會畫著稱,作品獲美國國務院藝術銀行計畫(Art Bank Program, US Department of State)、奧克蘭博物館(Oakland Museum)、克洛克美術館(Crocker Art Museum),舊金山藝術博物館(Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco),加州大學柏克萊藝術博物館與太平洋電影資料館(UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive)、史丹佛醫學中心(Stanford Medical Center)、普林斯頓大學(Princeton University)、凱悅酒店集團(Hyatt Regency Alicante)與麗思卡爾頓酒店(Ritz-Carlton)等機構永久收藏。
Guy Diehl創作自1984年起即展開以靜物為主題的系列繪畫,並在1992年開始,大量運用藝術史相關書籍作為創作元素,其中包含1900年至今的現代主義藝術家書冊,同時也在筆觸與筆觸之間捕捉光影微妙的變化。Diehl透過極其入微的手法吸引觀者凝視每樣物件目光,繼以在定格的畫面中自行串連敘事,此次展出作品《Still Life With Billie Holiday》為紀念美國傳奇爵士歌手及作曲家Billie Holiday的創作,透過具其音樂代表性的玉蘭花和樂曲集舒展出音樂家的意象。Diehl創作雖建立於在工作室所拍攝的照片上,卻抽離照相寫實主義的表現手法,添入無止盡的想像空間,波盪著寧靜的畫面。

Basil Kincaid (USA. B.1986)

Basil Kincaid 畢業於科羅拉多學院(Colorado College),創作媒材涵蓋絎縫、拼貼藝術、裝置藝術、攝影及表演藝術。曾獲選參與美國Arts Connect International 駐村計畫,甫於2018年與國際知名的當代藝術收藏機構之一摩根大通藝術典藏機構(JP Morgan Chase Art Collection)合作首屆「Art At Work Live」計畫,由銀行職員提供家中服裝布料,Kincaid 再加以絎縫、拼貼創作為最足以代表全公司職員的特別「肖像畫」,爾後Kincaid 三件作品獲該藝術機構收藏。
「絎縫工藝」(quilting)對Kincaid 而言是具家族傳承意義的,早在100多年前他來自西非的家族成員便開始著手絎縫,這份歷史意義促發他以當代藝術創作形式與傳統絎縫技法結合,如藝術家所言,有如賦予「祖先的力量」。Kincaid 從身為移民後代的個人經驗出發,轉而在作品中注入更多非裔移民在歷史裡所經歷的創傷與流離失所,及對於當代種族議題的關注,也將其視為一種自我療癒或自我解放的探索過程。Kincaid 被視為是為「再造」藝術家,他從所收集的材料中汲取藝術,透過了解不同文化的當地傳統、地理與多元文化遺產,與當地的藝術家或工匠合作,有意識地將藝術與身份認同、社區意識結合。透過絎縫,也建構起Kincaid 作為一位非裔美國人的個人自我認同與文化價值。

Tapestry Art Curated by Kathleen Goncharov 1.19 – 2.24

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