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今夏七月 Bluerider ART上海·外灘將推出德國藝術家 安格拉·格萊札(Angela Glajcar)的首次中國大陸個展「空間撕裂」(Torn Space),呈現其標誌性的以紙張為媒介的雕塑作品,顛覆了紙張細膩柔軟的傳統認知。格萊札稱自己為“空間的書寫者”,她用雙手撕裂紙張構建形態,賦予這種典型的二維媒介一種全新的三維面貌,構築出多重空間與光影變化。格萊札特別為展廳七米的挑高空間,創作了數件3米至4米的大型懸浮作品,同時展出的還有四個系列的新作:盒系列Conballare、山火系列Montcanus、孔洞系列Terforation、撕裂的肖像系列Torn Portrait。歡迎關注!

‘空間撕裂Torn Space’
— 安格拉·格萊紮 Angela Glajcar 中國首個展
◼ VIP Opening開幕式(藏家預覽):
7.16 Sat. 2pm – 5pm
◼ Open to public 大眾開放:
7.16 Sat. 5pm – 7pm
◼ 展期:
◼ 開放時間 /地址:
Bluerider ART Shanghai · The Bund
Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-7pm
上海⻩浦區四川中路 133 號
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Angela Glajcar 安格拉·格拉札
(German, b. 1970)

Born in Mainz, Germany, Angela Glajcar studied sculpture at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nuremberg from 1991 to 1998. Glajcar's work embodies sculpture and installation, it examines the way in which space is experienced using a material that is fragile and light. In the act of ripping and perforating a material that is traditionally used as a two-dimensional support, Glajcar gives paper a strong sculptural presence. Terforation is the title of Angela Glajcar's famous cubic pieces. The staggered arrangement of the vertically hung series of sheets of white paper, with torn edges, produces cave-like recessions. These extend into the depth of the sculpture. The sharp ridges and deep caverns gives viewer a fascinating room of harmony and silence. Glajcar has exhibited extensively and been the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships including Studio Award of the Kunststiftung Erich Hauser, the Asterstein scholarship in 1999 and Vordemberge Gildewart Award in 2004. Glajcar's works have been showcased in various prominent public art exhibitions, including Cologne Cathedral, the Frankfurt Department of Culture, the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Mainz Gutenberg Museum. Permanent collections of Glajcar's works can be found at the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art in the United States, the Wiesbaden Museum in Germany, the Mainz Arts and Sciences Center in Germany, and the Hanten Schmidt collection in Austria.

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