Thank You! Happy New Year 2024!

Thanks to all our artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts for your companionship and support throughout the year! As we enter 2024, Bluerider ART will showcase exhibitions with an international perspective, inviting you to join us on an spiritual arristic journey!

2023 review from London, Shanghai, Taipei:
Homeland Universe group show
Nick Veasey:Forensic Beauty solo show
Wild Grass 50 artists group show
Foreshadow- Ruprecht von Kaufmann & Susanne Kühn duo show
Cao Jigang: Skypath solo show
Quartet group show
Jan Kaláb:Blue Horizon solo show
Riera i Aragó:The Voyage
Marck: Marck’s Playground
Abstraction group show
Winter Wonders group show
HTC ╳ Bluerider ART Genesis group show
Yi&C ╳ Bluerider ART Collect Home group show

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