【London.Mayfair】Preview of opening exhibition in London “Homeland Universe”

Bluerider ART London·Mayfair, a new space of Bluerider ART, will launch its opening exhibition, "Homeland Universe," on September 9th, 2023. The exhibition invites 16 featured artists to express their individual concepts of a universe home using art as a common language. This marks the official establishment of Bluerider ART in London and commemorates Bluerider ART's 10th anniversary, ushering in a new milestone in East-West cultural exchange.

“… the fatherland of a virtuous soul is the entire universe” ─ Democritus, Ancient Greek philosopher

“Man follows the Earth, the Earth follows Heaven, Heaven follows the Dao, and the Dao follows Nature.” - Laozi, Daoist philosopher

"Universe" is a unified entity composed of all time, space, and its contents. Where does the universe come from? Does it have a supreme ruler? Where do human beings come from? These have been questions explored by philosophers from both the East and the West. In the Western tradition, ancient Greek philosophers proposed atomic theory, which states that everything is composed of atoms, and both matter and laws exist naturally. In the Eastern tradition, there is the philosophy of the Yi Jing (Book of Changes) and Daoism, which states that man follows the Earth, the Earth follows Heaven, Heaven follows the Dao, and the Dao follows Nature. All things in the world are born from being, being is born from non-being, and the Yi Jing emerges from the Taiji (Supreme Ultimate), giving rise to the two polarities. Matter and laws emerge from chaos and emptiness.

Regardless of the different cosmological views and cultural ideologies in the East and West, as humanity accelerates towards the space age, a deeper recognition emerges when looking from various perspectives: Earth is the common home of all human beings. In the future, interstellar travel and interstellar migration will extend humanity's presence from Earth to the universe, transcending national and cultural boundaries. The concept of a universe home will surpass Earth, becoming a vision of coexistence for humanity. Through the transcendent language of artistic spirituality, art serves as a bridge that connects the atomic theory, the vastness of the universe, and the past, present, and future, opening up a pathway of freedom filled with imagination, passion, and creative expression, transcending linguistic barriers.

Bluerider ART's opening exhibition in London's Mayfair, titled ‘Homeland Universe’, invites 16 represented artists to create works based on this theme, presenting their interpretations of a cosmic home. Chinese artist Cao Jigang’s tempera painting “Half Mountain” evokes a poetic call to "the way of nature and the unity of heaven and man" mountain shape with layers of tempera transparent jade-like texture. American silverpoint artist Carol Prusa's artwork "Limen" creates a space between what we do and don’t yet understand and the erotic dark energy threading all. Swiss video sculpture artist Marck's piece "Live in a Deep Neon Square" constructs a visually stunning surreal journey through a framework of virtual and real using video sculpture. French digital artist Pascal Dombis explores the potential obsolescence of written text in the future with his artwork "Obsolete Future." German installation artist Caro Jost's piece "MY, MYSELF and YOU" abstractly portrays the profound emotions of home using the artist's personal electrocardiogram. During the exhibition, there will also be opportunities for the audience to participate and interact by writing down their ideal cosmic home, the selected content will be announced via Bluerider ART’s social networking platform.

Exhibiting Artists
Willi Siber
Reinoud Oudshoorn
Cao Jigang
Carol Prusa
Nick Veasey
Caro Jost
Pascal Dombis
Peter Krauskopf
Sven Drühl
Thierry Feuz
François Bonnel
Susanne Kühn
Angela Glajcar
Jan Kaláb
Tim Freiwald

“Homeland Universe”
Vernissage: 7 September Thu. 6pm – 9pm

Grand Opening: 9 September Sat. 4pm – 8pm

Date: 7 September – 5 Novmeber 2023

Bluerider ART London·Mayfair
47 Albemarle St, London,W1S 4JW

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