London·Mayfair|WALKER guided tour with artist Nick Veasey

Bluerider ART is pleased to invite artist Nick Veasey to join as a special guest for the upcoming WALKER guided tour. Welcomes you to take part in this WALKER, a conversational and interactive guided tour of our current exhibition “Nick Veasey: Forensic Beauty”. We‘ll share how the artist procced X-ray images, why it was called Professor Veasey, Pearly King, Balenciaga dress, as well behind the scene stories.

Meet artist Nick Veasey

■Date & Time:
2024.2.17 Sat.
free to join, sign up at 2:50pm

Bluerider ART London·Mayfair
47 Albemarle Street, London. W1S 4JW
T: +44 20 3903 7827

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