HTC ╳ Bluerider ART | Special Exhibition Announcement 6.4

Bluerider ART is honored to announce a collaboration with HTC, HTC Gallery to launch the “Cao Jigang: Skypath” touring exhibition, featuring the artist Cao Jigang’s latest large-scale tempera and watercolor works. The exhibition includes the four-meter “Altitude 4687,” which evokes the ethereal snow-capped mountains of the Tibetan Plateau. The three-meter “Lonely Grey” captures the vastness of landscapes, while “White U-Shape” combines lapis lazuli tones with the jade-like luster of tempera, exuding poetic charm through its gentle curves. “Barren Cold 9,” showcases the connection between Western tempera and the “qi” of traditional Chinese painting, presenting the ethereal quality of traditional landscape art. Additionally, the artist’s personal tools, commonly used in his Beijing studio, will be on display, inviting visitors to appreciate his creative process.

HTC ╳ Bluerider ART “Cao Jigang: Skypath” Touring Exhibition
Exhibition Dates: 2024.6.4-9.6
Location: HTC Gallery, HTC Headquarters
Address: 88, Section 3, Zhongxing Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

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