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Neo Baroque

— Thierry Feuz

Thierry Feuz’s second solo show “Neo-Baroque” with Bluerider ART presents several series of recent works. The paintings and objects by Thierry Feuz are a neo-baroque journey in times of post-modern enlightenment. It is neo-baroque because the works are full of opulence, movement, and emotions; it is a journey because the associated themes circle from the universe with stars and galaxies to life-size flowers and zoomed blossoms to micro-cosmoses and nano-worlds.
The perfect and balanced compositions, the thrilling and audacious colour combinations, the use of strong and pure paints, the clarity and cleanness of the structures, the elaborated design of the single painted elements, and the lack of classical perspective, the depth of focus by means of the blurring of some depicted elements are inherent parts of all works. Placing concrete objects between the real and the imagined is precisely what Feuz excels in. Feuz's creative elements combined the delicate still life paintings of Spain's Baroque period, the drip paintings of Jackson Pollock, the surrealism of Joan Miró, and Cy Twombly's classical mythology. Such expression of realms echoes a sort of his radical experiments in which fluid media materials are used, he is able to continue to expand and explore the possibilities of painting.

For the solo exhibition “Neo-Baroque” in Shanghai and Taipei, Thierry Feuz has developed an impressive and rich bunch of series of paintings. The paintings of the representative series “Silent Winds” were inspired by the artist’s childhood memories of lying in the countryside with his grandfather when he was a child. The works “Psychotropical” represent maybe a closer look on vegetation such as a small group of plants or a bouquet of flowers. They express the crazy, the excessive, the uncontrolled and the inconceivable during the flush after having taken hallucinogenic drugs. The “Supernatural” are probably close-ups of particular blossoms and the representation of an artificial world. The “Instant Karma” shows the meaning of reincarnation in the present and eternity. The “Rain Garden” series cleverly uses the spray techniques and the principle of fluid paint repulsion to give the flowers a sense of transparency. The latest series of works, “Hyperboreal”, integrates the burst of colour and light, showing a powerful life and even wilder.

Under the superlative sensuality and appealing appearance, there exists fragility. Feuz's work easily spans the boundaries of culture and abstraction. These calyces and microbes spread outwards in a space without boundaries. Here, astounding beauty and fragility coexist, with the implied suggestion that such a beautiful balance can disappear in an instant. Through fabricated scenery, rich colours, and the rhythm of life, Thierry Feuz explores life and explores the meaning of human existence through his works, in the absence of boundaries.

– Thierry Feuz 
2021.6.1 – 2021.7.11 
Bluerider ARTDunRenGallery 
Tue.-Sun. 10am-7pm 
1F., No. 10, Ln. 101, Sec. 1, Da'an Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106 , Taiwan 
Bluerider ART, Shanghai 
Tue.-Sun. 10am-7pm 
133 Sichuan Middle Rd., Huangpu Dist., Shanghai


Hyperboreal Miltonia

2021 | 200×160 cm| Lacquer, oil and glitter on canvas

Hyperboreal Arcadia

2021 | 200×160 cm| Lacquer, oil and glitter on canvas

Silver Agartha Belladone

2021 | 200×130 cm| Lacquer and chrome on canvas

Silver Agartha Serpentine

2021 | 200×130 cm|Lacquer and chrome on canvas

Psychotropical Purple Anima

2021 | 130 x 160 cm | Lacquer and acrylic on canvas

Raingarden Floris

2021 | 130 x 160 cm| Lacquer and acrylic on canvas

Soundgarden Breeze

2021 | 140×170 cm| Lacquer, gold and acrylic on canvas

Blosson Frost Agartha

2021 | 130×160 cm|2021| Lacquer and acrylic on canvas

Floating Valley Panorama

2021|130×200 cm| Lacquer and acrylic on canvas

Purple Atlas Sirocco

200×160 cm|2021|Lacquer, oil and glitter on canvas

Golden Atlas Seraphin

200×160 cm | 2021 | Lacquer, oil gold and glitter on canvas

Golden Winds Amaris

2021 | 200 x 160 cm | Lacquer and acrylic on canvas