Walking on Kurfüstendamm, Berlin

Artist:Caro Jost

Size:120 x 80 x 8cm

Year:October 16, 2023

Media:Streetprint on canvas

One of the liveliest neighborhoods in Berlin, not only with boutique shops, restaurants and attractions, but also has famous art sculptures. It is a must-see for tourists visiting Berlin. Using "walking" as "art" to express a world view of self-discovery. Time, space and events are brought together on the canvas, inviting viewers to explore the world in different dimensions. From a piece of gravel on the street, they can gain insight into the aesthetics flowing in time and space.


Caro Jost
(Germany, b. 1965)

Graduated from the Law School and the Art School of Munich University, Caro Jost lives and creates her art in Munich. Every artist has their favorite artists, but Caro Jost takes this admiration to a whole new level, incorporating her love for Munich's abstract expressionism groups into works extensively. Her works revolve around themes of time, space, and events. In the series "Streetprints," where she traveled to over 70 locations worldwide, imprinting traces she collected from the streets onto her canvases. Her artworks were exhibited MoMA, Chelsea Art Museum in New York, and Guggenheim Collection in Venice, permanently collected by the MoMA Library Collection (The archives of MoMA, NY), Chelsea Art Museum (NY), and Museum of the City of Munich.

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