藝術家:Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri

尺寸:17 x 153 x ca 100 (3 pieces)cm


媒材:Three textile objects(wool mittens, quits etc)in wooden frames


Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri
(Norway , b. 1975)

Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri (Norway, b.1975), graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Oslo. Growing up in an environment full of creativity in childhood, Kari Anne escaped from the typical Norwegian minimalist style, inherited the melancholy and cold temperament of Northern Europe, using old clothes, rags, and fragments of fabrics, restitched them and created her own language in textile art. Focusing on the theme of limitations, expectations, regulations, and isolation, these are the subject the each individual confront in the collective society. Kari Anne had exhibited in Kunstmuseet Nord Trøndelag, Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Norway, and Socle Du Monde Biennale in Denmark. Her works are permanently collected by Kongsberg Municipality, Den Norske Husflidforening and many other important institutions.

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