藝術家:Philipp Donald Göbel

尺寸:166x190x8 cm


媒材: Mixed media


Philipp Donald Göbel
(Germany , b. 1966)

Philipp Donald Göbel (Germany, b. 1966), currently creates and lives in Bielefeld and Frankfurt, Germany. Degree from the Brunswick University of the Arts. In the process of "deconstructing" and "reorganizing" old works, a new and unusual creative mode is created, like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, which also brings another form and aesthetics to art. Through the works, it tells the time the artist has invested in artistic creation, the self-doubt that plagues the artist, the loneliness when not having a dialogue with the audience, and the courage to start again. He has participated in many European exhibitions, including the Wilhelmshaven Art Museum, Bielefeld Art Museum, etc.

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