The Limits of Control (B6)

Artist:Pascal Dombis


尺寸:90 x 120 cm

媒材:Pigment pirnt on archival paper, mounted on aluminum panel


Pascal Dombis
(Frence, b. 1965)

Graduated from Tufts University computer art and Insa University in Lyon, France. Digital artist Pascal Dombis currently lives and works in Paris. His focus involves the exploration of language, noise, control, and irrationality. Dombis has been using computers and algorithms to generate and elaborate repetitions of simple processes, which computationally reproduce geometric or typographical signs. Started as a painter, Dombis notes that his encounter with William Burroughs’s art was a key moment for his new investigations into digital art. Dombis uses optical materials such as lenticular plates to revisit the way viewers look at things, and to question the very nature of images in the broad sense of the word. By using lenticular, allows him to play with the viewer’s gaze. The incessant circulation of images has made the way of looking at things more dynamic. Moreover, the lenticular material questions this new reading paradigm and brings about a physical and time-related experience. Over the years he created monumental public works for the City of Perth, Australia, the Ministry of Culture in France, and an 8 meter long outdoor sculpture installation along the River bank in Shanghai, China. His art exhibited around the world including Musée en Herbe in France, Museum Kunstpalast in Denmark, Velchev Art Museum in Bulgaria, and the University of Georgia in the USA.

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