I wish to remain where I have never been

藝術家:Sandra Ackermann


尺寸:190 x 160cm

媒材:Oil on canvas

德國藝術家桑德拉・亞克曼 Sandra Ackermann 的作品透過女性身體的意象對我們媒體化社會現象提出反思。創作圍繞著「什麼是現實?什麼是真理?」的問題展開,對於當前大眾媒體所描繪社會現實及個人內心的衝突產生質疑。作品中經常以局部方式描繪女性形象,這些看似完美,如同時尚雜誌中的女性,體現了社會所欲呈現的無暇意象,以及奠基於表象及外在的社會模式。透過畫面中人物與環境的相互關係,這些時尚女性彷彿置身於一個現實與超現實之間的世界


Sandra Ackermann
(Germany, b. 1974)

Sandra Ackermann lives and works in rural Germany and London UK. She studied fine art at Staatliche Hochschule for Bildende Künste – Städelschule Frankfurt am Main. In her work she combines the interest in the human appearance with the observation of the newly appearing digital image culture and the way it changes the perception we have about ourselves. Ackermann understands her work as an ongoing project of cultural observational studies from a female perspective, interlacing political and emotional movements of society into poetic paintings. Her work has been shown internationally in Europe and Asia in Galleries and Museums, including Royal Opera Arcade, Städel Museumm, Städtisches Museum Engen, etc. Her work is present in private and public collections, including art collection of Rhineland Palatinate, Germany.

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