Nitrite Satellite

材質:pigment, binder, varnish on plaster and hard resin


Tim Freiwald
(Germany, b.1986)

Graduated from the Fine Arts at the Munich Art Academy, Tim Freiwald now work and live in Berlin. Tim Freiwald's creative process involves "destruction, decomposition, and reconstruction" generating negative spaces in his works, constantly exploring the questions of whether "destruction can still be beautiful" and "what is art." Fragments, fractured lines, and delicate structures, all portrayed through intense colors, define his aesthetic style of destructiveness. Freiwald mentioned “I want the paintings to be on the verge of physical collapse so that they only become stable through the painterly attraction between their elements.” In 2011, Tim Freiwald received the BMW Brilliance Automotive Art Award. In 2014, he became a student of the artist Thomas Scheibitz. In 2018, Tim Freiwald was awarded the New Positions prize at the Art Cologne, a prestigious art exhibition in Cologne. Tim Freiwald has already held significant solo exhibitions at various European venues including Walter Storms Galerie in Munich, exhibited at the Kunsthalle Bremerhaven in Bremen.

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