Wall object

Artist:Willi Siber


尺寸:36 x 29 x 35cm

媒材:Steel, Chrome enamel


Willi Siber
(Germany, b. 1949)

Born in Upper Swabia, the center of Baroque art history, Willi Siber studied art history at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. His creations inherited the fluidity, theatricality, and splendid visual effects of Baroque art also incorporated a contemporary perspective and nature. Siber once said "My creations stem from change." Over the long artist career, he is known for abstract objects , installations, sculptures. Using wood, steel, epoxy resin, exploring the malleability of materials, focusing not just on the aesthetic expression of materials he constantly research, validation, and overturning of established perceptions, breaking through the limitations of materials. His playfulness with colors further highlights his concise style. Willi Siber's exhibitions have spanned across Europe and the United States, his works permanently collected by German Federal Parliament, the German Embassy in Argentina, Deutsche Bank, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Städtisches Kunstmuseum in Singen, and private art museums Kunstwerk Sammlung Klein, Museum Ritter and private collectors worldwide. In 2023 Siber received honor award "Oberschwäbischer Kunstpreis" in Germany.

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