Artist:Almudena Pintado


Size:42 x 42cm

Media:Mixed media on wood



Almudena Pintado 阿慕黛娜.品塔多
(Spain , b. 1969)

Almudena Pintado, born in Spain, currently creates and resides in Switzerland. She has participated in numerous international exhibitions and art fairs, spanning countries such as Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, the United States, Iran, Singapore, and Brazil. Her exhibition experience includes prestigious venues like the Louvre Museum's Carrousel Museum in Paris and the Museum of the Americas in Mexico. She has also been invited to participate in art projects at the Tijuana Cultural Center of the Mexican Consulate in California. Pintado's rich list of awards includes honors from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Brazil, awards from the National Arts Organization in Paris, a bronze award from the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, and the first international art award from the Cordoba Alliance in Spain.

Pintado began her artistic career thirty years ago. She studied fashion design and architecture before the 1990s, which indirectly inspired her pursuit of art. In her past training, geometric and abstract elements played an important role. She started to express her structural artistic vocabulary mainly by collage of different materials, and gradually pursued creative expressions that mainly explored abstraction, materials and textures. Her works can be seen as a kind of relief narrative, using a combination of oil painting, acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, wood board, canvas, stitching, collage, etc. to express stories about childhood, roots, emotions, and memories.

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