2016.10.15 – 11.26

布萊恩•伊達(Bryan Ida,美國,1963年生)現居住及創作於美國洛杉磯,以壓克力結合環氧樹脂(Epoxy)與聚酯纖維(Polyester)的堆疊層次進行創作,由多樣的視角、色彩與城市和自然進行對話。曾多次於美國知名博物館及美術館舉辦展覽,包含蘭開斯特藝術與歷史博物館(Lancaster Museum of Art and History) 、河濱市美術館(Riverside Art Museum)、托倫斯藝術博物館 (Torrance Art Museum)、長灘美術館 (Long Beach Museum of Art) 、洛杉磯當代藝術美術館 (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles)等。作品收藏於微軟(Microsoft)與杜邦旗下杰能科(DuPont™ Genencor ® Science)等矽谷高科技產業公司。

曾於美國著名抽象畫家山姆•法蘭西斯(Sam Francis,1923-1995)工作室學習數年的伊達,在承襲法蘭西斯奔放洋溢色彩的同時也融合自身來自音樂性的感知,發展出獨樹一幟的表現形式。純熟的環氧使用技術使伊達在繪畫上擁有另類的層次鋪述,透過六至七層的繪畫與環氧樹脂堆疊,讓二維的平面漸漸築起三維的視界,弭平空間界線。近期更開始運用聚酯纖維作為創作素材,因其輕透的特性,交疊兩百層的繪畫與聚酯纖維材料使畫面內容與細節處理愈趨豐富。對伊達而言,記憶是情感化後的經驗,存在著與之呼應的形影,他試著以成層堆疊和埋藏的手法保留對於地景的時空記憶。

本次展覽「City Symphony」以鮮活的色調詮釋經典的城市與地景想像外,更在都市人文成分中加入自然的面向,帶來全新「沿岸 (Littoral)」系列創作,「沿岸」是海陸相交的地帶,亦即兩個截然不同世界的交集處,不同於以往分明且獨立的城市形象,以水波的形式柔化了畫面,引出文明與自然互動的思考,同時也將城市議題更廣泛的延伸與擴展。伊達對光、色彩與構圖的著迷與追尋創作出交錯重疊的意象,不僅提供空間上寬闊的視野,更得以將想法與影像植進結構中,使每道構面均與其他層次發生互動、產生連結,而同時也保有分離且獨立的特性,如同不斷堆疊地各個聲部,奏出首首屬於城市的交響樂章。

Bryan Ida is an American artist who currently resides in Los Angeles. As a master mixing acrylic paints, epoxy and polyester, Ida shows his talent by applying unique material on forming abstract landscapes as a great play of color, light and composition. His work has been featured in dozens of museums. Notable recent shows are at Lancaster Museum of Art and History, Riverside Art Museum, Torrance Art Museum, Long Beach Museum of Art and Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles. His works is currently in Microsoft Corporate collection and Genencor International collection.

While previously working with the notable abstract expressionist, Sam Francis, Ida has developed his own language in abstract painting by creating dimensionality of cities with rhythmic pattern. Applying the technique of layering 6-7 coats of epoxy resin with acrylic paint captured in its separate layer, the 2-dimensional work builds its own depth and space and leaves the boundaries unbound. Ida advances this idea by adopting polyester as new coating medium. The features of polyester are thin and transparent, which allows the work to contain more than 200 layers, therefore more thoughts and details can be integrated and interacted.

Ida’s second solo show “City Symphony” at Bluerider ART showcases his identified city portraiture and recent series “Littoral”. Littoral is defined as the zone where the land and sea come together and also a meeting place of disparate worlds where opposites collide and interact. Ida has extended the expression on landscape in urban area further to a more sentimental topic which focuses on the interaction among city, human, and nature. It is an ongoing conversation in paint using the concept of layering and burying to explore the idea of recollection within a symbolic landscape. Like an archaeologist that digs and reveals fragments of human history the layers represent the passage of time and the importance of memory. This idea conveys a sense of connectivity as each layer interacts with the previous, meanwhile there also exists the feeling of disconnect and isolation that is congruous with the notion of urban life. It is this exploration of color, composition and light that interweaves Ida’s city symphony.

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