London·Mayfair | Opening Day 9.9 4pm-8pm

Come and meet our artists today ! Today is the Opening Day for our inaugural exhibition “Homeland Universe” !
More stunning photos from the 9.7 VIP Night will be released shortly.

Exhibiting Artists: Willi Siber, Reinoud Oudshoorn, Cao Jigang, Carol Prusa, Nick Veasey, Marck, Caro Jost, Pascal Dombis, Peter Krauskopf, Sven Drühl, Thierry Feuz, François Bonnel, Susanne Kühn, Angela Glajcar, Jan Kaláb, Tim Freiwald

Opening Day (open to public):
Sept. 9 Sat. 4pm-8pm
Exhibition Date:
9 September – 5 November 2023
Opening Hours:
Daily, 10am-6pm
Bluerider ART London·Mayfair
47 Albemarle St, London, W1S 4JW, UK

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