Not the only road

Artist:François Bonnel

Size:160 x 180 cm


Media:Acrylic on canvas



François Bonnel
(France, b.1968)

François Bonnel is an abstract artist currently lives and works in Toulouse, France. After a 25-year career in advertising industry, he devoted himself fully to art from 2018. He approaches his art with an improvisational spirit, constantly exploring various creative techniques and media, often using digital media, photography, and collage. The joy and passion for art are evident throughout his work, with candid and simple lines, shapes, and colors that transcend explicit messages, liberating a pure and unrestrained enthusiasm for art. His works are permanently collected in institutions such as the Harvard Art Museums in the United States, Louis Vuitton in New York, and corporate collections like L’Oréal and Longchamp in Paris.

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