Desire Obtain Cherish
(American, b. 1975)

Desire Obtain Cherish (D.O.C.), a.k.a. Jonathon Paul, is a Los Angeles, USA based artist whose works have attracted an audience worldwide. From early roots in L.A.’s street art scene, his repertoire has grown to encompass major international exhibitions such as the renowned Venice Biennale art festival in 2015. New York’s famous Saks Fifth Avenue in 2016 invited D.O.C. and his iconic Meltdown installations to take part in an art and fashion collaboration. The artist’s unique vision and fresh style have also attracted the eye of respected collectors including New York's Mandarin Oriental Hotel, The Ecclestone Collection, The Feinberg Collection, La Laliberte Collection, American DJ Diplo and NBA player Dirk Nowitzki and Andrei Kirilenko.

D.O.C exhibited at SAKS Fifth Avenue department store in New York

Venice Biennale, 2015

As a graduate of Manhattan’s prestigious Parsons School of Design, D.O.C. has worked in the fields of fashion and advertising and has brought with him to the fine art world an insider's knowledge of society's obsession with brand and image. This obsession and it’s effects are often parlayed into parodying, satirical, and darkly humorous messages within his work. Through a multifaceted approach spanning the genres or street, pop, and appropriation art, D.O.C. tackles sensitive and provocative issues of materialism, fame, addiction, gender and sexuality, identity, religion, and politics. He plays on our desires, questions what's obtainable, and mocks what we cherish, shining a light on the ills of consumption and the societal pressures that foster it. The New Yorker art critic Benjamin Genocchio characterized his work as “not malicious, even if his works cut to the bone. He is more like our social conscience, delivering up uncomfortable and unpleasant truths wrapped in the most beautiful and seductive of packages.”

To achieve his vision, D.O.C. has cultivated highly skilled and often painstaking production techniques in media such as cast resin and plastics, gelatin pill capsules, and traditional acrylic and oil paints. In his piece Heresy’s Cross, a cast resin sculpture, D.O.C. has juxtaposed the permanence of religion in our cultural landscape with the impermanence and fleeting satisfaction of melting milk chocolate. The product is a clash of lasting faith with that of a fleeting high. In addition to symbolism, D.O.C. has long made witty text a central aspect of his work, which is also evident in Afterparty, a piece reflecting the current defeated mood of the U.S. political landscape. This after-party isn’t a jubilant celebration but rather a dire representation of both political parties and their respective colors as sadly deflated blue and red balloons. In another ode to expectation versus reality, D.O.C. gives us It’s Been Swell, but the Swelling’s Gone Down, a timeline of contemporary art mythology printed on canvas. From an image of Picasso, then moving on through a vibrant collage of works by pop and street art notables, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst, and Banksy, the imagery ends with canvas peeled back exposing gold bars beneath, a darkly humorous and self deprecating view of underpinnings in the world contemporary art.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2020 Horn of Plenty 10 Year Retrospective, Los Angeles
2019 off-gassing from the CLOUD Bluerider ART Taipei
2018 To The Victor Belongs The Spoils UNIX Gallery New York
2017 yourkiddingright Bluerider ART Taipei
2016 Servant Of Infinite Distraction, UNIX Gallery New York
2014 Addict Bluerider ART Taipei
2014 We Are Known By The Company We Keep UNIX Gallery New York
2013 Galen At The Galen Palm Springs Art Museum Palm Springs
2013 McLaughlin Gallery McLaughlin Gallery San Francisco
2013 KM Fine Arts KM Fine Arts Los Angeles
2013 Galerie Bel Aire Fine Art Galerie Bel Aire Fine Art Gen?ve
2012 UNIX Gallery UNIX Gallery Miami
2011 Lab Art Lab Art Los Angeles

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 The Blue Danube, Bluerider ART,Shanghai
2021 Mental Space, Bluerider ART, Taipei
2018 Spring Show Hong Kong, Bluerider ART, Hong Kong
2018 Bluerider ART at Art Tainan 2018, Bluerider ART, Taipei
2018 Fantastic 4, Bluerider ART, Taipei
2017 Der Blaue Reiter Bluerider ART Taipei
2015 In Visual Dialogue UNIX Gallery New York
2015 Efflorescence UNIX Gallery New York
2015 Sweet Sensations William Benton Museum of Art Storrs
2015 Summer Show, UNIX Gallery New York

Selected Art Fairss

2020 Spring/Break Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
Zona Maco, Mexico City, Mexico
2019 Spring/Break Art Show, New York, NY
Spring/Break Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
2018 Art Miami, Miami FL
2017 Art Miami, Miami FL
Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, Palm Beach, FL
Art Central, Hong Kong
Art Taipei, Taipei Taiwan
2016 Art Miami, Miami, FL
Art 16, London, UK
Art Central, Hong Kong
Art Taipei, Taipei Taiwan
Art New York, New York, NY
Art Wynwood, Miami, FL
LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
2015 Art Miami, Miami, FL
Art Stage Singapore, Singapore
Texas Contemporary, Houston, TX
Art Southampton, Bridge Hampton, NY
Art 15 London, London, UK
Art Miami New York, New York, NY
Art Palm Springs, Palm Springs, CA
2014 Zona Maco, Mexico City, Mexico, MX
Art Miami, Miami, FL
Art Toronto, Toronto, CAN
Art Hamptons, Watermill, NY
Art Aspen, Aspen, CO
LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
Art Southampton, Southampton, NY

Select Museum Exhibitions

2017 Sweet Tooth: The Art of Dessert, Shelburn Museum, Shelburn, VT
2016 Feast For The Eyes, Nassau County Museum Of Art, Roslyn, NY
2015 Sweet Sensations, William Benton Museum Of Art, Storrs, CT
2013 Galen At The Galen, Palm Springs Art Museum

Select Public Works

2019 “Lucky Break” Sculpture, Los Angeles, CA for Mack Real Estate Development.
2017 “Cherry Meltdown” Sculpture, Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas for ICA
2016 “Rose Colored Glasses” Sculpture, Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas for ICA
2015 “Cherry Meltdown” Sculpture, Venice, ITL for Venice Biennale Centurion Plaza Hotel

Selected Collections

Joseph and Diana Dimenna, New York, NY
Chris and Richard Mack, New York, NY
Diplo, Los Angeles, CA
The Mandarin Oriental, New York, NY
Jose Martos, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Gilbert Benhamou, Miami FL
Dirk Nowitzki, New York, NY
Andrei Kirilenko, New York, NY
Stephen Mack, Los Angeles, CA
The Ecclestone Collection, London, UK and LA
The Feinberg Collection, Los Angeles, CA
La Laliberte Collection, Quebec, CAN
Select Television
2015 “The Streets Are A Canvas”, James Daichendt, Ed.D, TedTalks
2012 “Street Artists Series,” Cafe Racer for Discover Channel
2012 “I Am Other – Street Art vs. Illegal Billboards,” Voice of Art

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Dialogue: Elsa Wang v.s. Desire Obtain Cherish

Trailer: Desire Obtain Cherish Off-glassing from the cloud 2019.3.16

Desire Obtain Cherish live creation in Taipei Dunren

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