Teo San José
(Spain , b. 1969)

Born in Valladolid, Spain in 1958, currently develops his artistic activity between the cities of Córdoba and Denia. He studied Engineering at the Universities of Valladolid and Madrid. He began his artistic development carrying out sculptural projects linked to the popular architecture of Valladolid and developing different sculpture workshops, ceramics, and artistic applications of mechanical engineering. He is related to official and self-founded programs of art and education in Spain and Mexico.

His work develops from dialogue as an inescapable formula for the common construction of possible realities. His art vision considers the subtlety of language and the synthesis of meanings as essential characteristics for an energetic and peaceful expression at the same time. When we open our eyes, minds, and perceptions to sculpture, we enter into an intimate space, a path that leads us to the emptiness of the mind to touch our deepest being. It is not necessary to understand, only to feel the life that the work of art has. It is a profound and personal experience. His work is present in public and private collections in Spain, France, Mexico, China, and England. “My sculptural work is developed from the desire to create spaces for dialogue. It is necessary to work from the dialogue as a form to achieve an expression of serenity. The public and monumental work that I carry out has a strong intention to intervene in people ́s daily lives. In my case, the sculptures do not wait in the standard exhibition spaces; On the contrary, they are the ones that go out to meet their own place and its spectators. The great dimension sculpture allows transcending the human scale, picking up the notion of “symbol” and stimulating a physical relationship with the viewer. The viewer surrounds the work. If the reference point is variable, so is the work itself. Tension as a balance between concepts is present in all aspects of the work. The use of steel as a material exposes a weight, a solidity; curving and stylizing its forms provides lightness. In my work, matter not only shapes space; it also crosses it to compose new places. The planes are superimposed without losing their individual quality, to build dimensions that exceed them. Emptiness and matter complement each other, changing our eyes, making new interpretations, always staying in motion.”

Solo Exhibitions

2022 Dionisio Ortiz Art Centre, Cordoba, Spain
2021 Sonia Monti Gallery, Paris, France.
2017 Frax Foundation. Alicante. Spain
2008 Spanish Embassy. London. UK
2007 Sculpture Forecourt. RBS of Sculptors, London. UK
2006 Gallery AVIMA, Alicante, Spain.
2004 Bank “Volksbank”, Hannover, Germany
2004 Burgwedel Town Hall, Hannover, Germany
2002 Espace Saint Louis Center, Cholet, France
2000 Center “Art L’Estacio”, Alicante, Spain
1997 Gallery “Exit”. Geneva, Switzerland
1997 Gallery “Apart”, Lausanne, Switzerland
1994 Spanish Consulate, Geneva, Switzerland

Group Exhibitions

2022 Waltz, Bluerider Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2021  V International Biennial Ciutat Vella, Valencia, Spain.
2021 Intersect Palm Springs, California, United States. 2021    AAF – Armenian Art Fair, Armenia.
2021 UBE Contemporary Sculpture Biennial, Ube, Japan.
2021 The body language, ItsLiquid Group, Venice, Italy.
2021 Artsy Online Exhibition. Dynamic Balance. ARTSY, representation of AlTiba9
2020 #Social. CICA Museum. Seoul, South Korea.
2012 Paralax. NY USA.
2011 Exhibition «Grove». London. UK
2010 Gallery Manuel Chacón, Mexico.
2009 Sculpture Park. North Yorshire. UK
2009 Art Contat. Cambridge. UK
2008 Sculpture In Paradise. Chichester’s Cathedral, UK
2006 Royal Academy Of Arts. Summer Exhibition. London.UK
2006 Salon de Printemps. Romorantin. France.
2005 Affordable Art Fair. London. UK
2005 Salon Européen D’Art Contemporain. Chouzy-Sur- Cisse. France
2002 Elected by The International Jury to represent Spain at “The Paris International Contemporary Art”. Paris, France.
2001 Represented Spain at the Florence, Italy’s International Contemporary Art Biennale. Italy.


2022 “Medal and Diploma”, sculpture section, “VII Salón de Arte Abstracto”, Madrid (Spain).
2021 “Honor Mention” Award, V International Biennial “Ciutat Vella”, Valencia, Spain.
2021 “Excellent Sculpture” Award, 29th UBE Biennale, Ube, Japan.
2014 Symposium International Sculpture of Cyprus.
2009 – Honorable Award. Art Now. “Artoteque” in London.UK
2007 – “Sculpture Forecourt” by the Royal British Society of Sculptors London. UK
1991 – 5th. “National Design Contest” by the Industry Department, Madrid, Spain

Art Fairs

2021 Intersect Palm Springs International Fair California USA
2021 AAF Armenian Art Fair, Armenia.


2012 Seeds of Peace. (Art to go from fear to curiosity, from violence to peace). Foreword by Stanley Krippner: psychologist and teacher at Saybrook University, Oakland, California.
2010 Walking through the architecture of Madrid. Ed .: San Sebastián de los Reyes University. Madrid

Public Works

2021 “Tiempo de Curvas”, Private collection, Valencia, Spain.
2020 “Open Arms”. Private collection, Hollywood, USA.
2020 “Air of Fire”. Jean Paul Calès, CAP Ingelec. Bordeaux, France.
2017 Valldoreix City Council. San Cugat. Barcelona. Spain. Sculpture: Study portal del vent. 8
2017 Salto de la Ballena. Klein-Schereuder Foundation
2016 Installation of “Portal of Wind” 8,5 x 5 x 5 m. Port Denia. Alicante. Spain.
2013 Installation of “Serenity Portal” 12 x10 x 9m. Zibata. Mexico.
2010 “FireSailer 19”. Spanish Institute in London. Cañada Blanca Foundation. Portobello Road. London. UK
2007 “CEDMA Sailboat”. Symbol for CEDMA association. Spain.
2004 Installation of “GREEK SAILBOAT” (7 x 6 x 5 m) in the Foyer of Hotel Daniya. Denia, Spain
2003 Instalation of “MYS VIII. (5 x 1 x 1m) Social center of the City of Denia. City Council of Denia. Alicante. Spain
2002 Ordered by Cholet Town Hall, “La Infancia” displayed at the “Espace Saint Louis Center” City Council of Cholet, France.
2000 The Department, Madrid

Teo San Jose – Portal del Vent Presentation
Teo. San Jose – Monumental Sculpture
Teo San Jose – Dynamic balance
Teo San Jose – Torii

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