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開幕藏家酒會現場 Opening Day

開幕藏家酒會現場照片 Opening Day

Willi Siber: Baroque Pearls
Shanghai·The Bund

Born in Upper Swabia, the center of Baroque art history, Willi Siber studied art history at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. His creations inherited the fluidity, theatricality, and splendid visual effects of Baroque art also incorporated a contemporary perspective and nature. Siber once said "My creations stem from change." Over the long artist career, he is known for abstract objects , installations, sculptures. Using wood, steel, epoxy resin, exploring the malleability of materials, focusing not just on the aesthetic expression of materials he constantly research, validation, and overturning of established perceptions, breaking through the limitations of materials. His playfulness with colors further highlights his concise style. Willi Siber's exhibitions have spanned across Europe and the United States, his works permanently collected by German Federal Parliament, the German Embassy in Argentina, Deutsche Bank, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Städtisches Kunstmuseum in Singen, and private art museums Kunstwerk Sammlung Klein, Museum Ritter and private collectors worldwide. In 2023 Siber received honor award "Oberschwäbischer Kunstpreis" in Germany.

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With its arresting textures and unexpected media, German artist Willi Siber’s work surprises at every turn. In his hands, heavy steel may appear as weightless as a balloon, while common materials—wood, nails, cardboard — combine into otherworldly, fantastical objects. Often, at least from afar, the components of Siber’s works are mysterious; only on inspection do we see that he achieves his miraculous results with simple ingredients, performing a kind of alchemy, transforming everyday matter through ingenious acts of repurposing and recombining.

The paintings, whose innovative techniques push them toward sculpture, can read from a distance as landscapes—aerial views of forests, perhaps, or ice-covered parts of the Arctic—or as microscopic lifeforms. Yet we sense that for Siber, such resemblances to reality are incidental. As art historian Sabine Heilig has written of his work, “He is not interested in the aesthetics of the material itself, but rather in its ability to be transformed.” Along with its formal inventiveness, Siber’s work is remarkable for its use of color. With a palette ranging from muted earth tones to electric hues of pink and green, he seems to match form to color as if by instinct. The bent-and-folded steel pipe sculptures, covered in pristine coats of enamel, possess a luxurious shimmer, beckoning like jewels, while other works, coated in darker, powdery hues, are quiet and subdued.

Willi Siber : Baroque Pearls
Exhibition Date: March 9, 2024 - May 26, 2024
Bluerider ART Shanghai · The Bund
No. 133 Sichuan Middle Rd., Huangpu Dist., Shanghai
Thu.- Sun. 10am-7pm
Tel +86 21 6330 6166


Willi Siber
(Germany, b. 1949)

威利希伯 Willi Siber(德國, b.1949)畢業於德國斯圖加特大學 ( Universität Stuttgart )主修藝術史,現生活與創作於德國上施瓦本(Upper Swabia)。 以抽象裝置創作聞名,希伯表示:「我的作品始終是自由且獨立的物體,不需要敘事性地去做解釋。」承襲了德國南部上施瓦本地區巴洛克藝術與文化風貌,以及一望無際大自然風景環抱下,希伯將巴洛克華麗的色彩與律動,以及對大自然全心感動,轉化濃縮為其抽像作品,不斷以物質的可塑性,著重於形狀、色彩、質地的探索,翻轉觀者的 視覺認知。2023年榮獲德國最具價值以及文化的最高榮譽獎「Oberschwäbischer Kunstpreis」。 2019年於德國布格里登博物館(Villa Rot)舉辦40年創作回顧展,作品獲德國聯邦議院(Deutscher Bundestag)、斯圖加特國立美術館(Staatsgalerie Stuttgart)、德國辛根市立美術館(Städtisches Kunstmuseum Singenches Kunstmuseum Singenches Kunstmuseum Singenches Kunstmuseum Singen )、德國駐阿根廷大使館、德意志銀行(Deutsche Bank)、私人美術館Kunstwerk 與Museum Ritter…等永久收藏。

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