Transport Crates Big Video loop 32:04


尺寸:65.5 x 105 x 83.5cm


媒材:Mixed media Side


(Switzerland, b. 1964)

nternationally renowned X-ray artist Nick Veasey reveals the hidden facets beneath the surface using his unique X-ray penetration technique. His work humorously and mischievously explores the essence of people and objects' inner nature. Nick Veasey uses x-ray to strip back the layers and show what it is like under the surface. The technique reveals what, and often how, things are made, which grants his art to penetrate the surface and take us on a journey into a world otherwise hidden and unseen. Veasey has an extensive exhibition experience worldwide, with his artwork featured on the cover of TIME magazine and invited to give a TED talk. In 2018, he held a large-scale exhibition at the renowned Fotografiska museum in Sweden, visited by The Prince and Princess of Wales and the Crown Princess of Sweden. He also photographed important antique costumes for the Victoria and Albert Museum and collaborated with various brands such as Louis Vuitton, United Airlines, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen. Works collected by the Victoria and Albert Museum, National Science and Media Museum in the UK, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Museum at FIT in the USA, the BMW Museum in Germany and the Museum of Applied Arts and Design (MUDAC) in Switzerland.

Marck 的作品看似以女性為主體,實際上則是以其作為社會縮影的代表,與框架的沖撞更探討著有形與無形的束縛,喚起觀者心中的共鳴。作品無法被單純定義為錄像與雕塑的結合,更像虛實的壹體呈現,由出演的排序、影片拍攝的精確定位,「錄像的目的不是敘述壹個故事,而是激發觀眾的情緒」,滲入我們習以為常的生活,以動態的畫面觸撥我們觀看雕塑的思維,同時也築起多媒體素材,至動力機械和雕塑的手工制作。錄像雕塑以全新的形式,揉合影像的平面表述與雕塑的空間意義,不僅辟出錄像創作的新道路,也再擴張觀者的感官體驗。

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