Die Stadt der Blinden

藝術家:Ruprecht von Kaufmann



媒材: Oil and collage (Mylar) on linoleum


Ruprecht von Kaufmann
(Germany , b. 1974)

Ruprecht von Kaufmann (b.1974, Munich, Germany) was educated at the Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles, CA., As Dr Brigitte Hausmann, curator for the Art Program of the City of Berlin has written in her introduction to Leben zwischen den Stuhlen (Distanz, 2021), Von Kaufmann ‘ranks among the important contemporary positions in figurative painting’. His forceful and emotional paintings are unsettling and purposefully so, since Von Kaufmann places great emphasis on storytelling, resulting in his figurative work being full of dark humor as well as dense melancholy. In his artworks, he captures moments that are deeply personal while also hinting at a universal experience.

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